Cycle Collection

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CYCLE Fitness Flooring Is Ideal For:

  • Sporting Facilities
  • Animal Facilities
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Interlocking Tiles and Rolls

Interlocking Tile Item Keys
CYCI.100 Solid Black
CYCI.186 Red
CYCI.195 Light Gray
CYCI.609 Cobalt
CYCI.EXX Eggshell

Roll Item Keys
CYCR.100 Solid Black
CYCR.186 Red
CYCR.195 Light Grey
CYCR.609 Cobalt
CYCR.EXX Eggshell

Product Specifications

Dimensions – Interlocking: 36″ x 36″
Dimensions – Rolls: 48″ x 49 1/2′
Finish: Characteristic Texture
Area Per Tile/Roll: 8.2 sq. ft. (interlocking) 198 sq. ft. (rolls)
Thickness: 8MM