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Salesmaster adds XL Brands

Salesmaster is happy to announce that we are now a distributor of XL Brands Adhesive for the entire North East!

Salesmaster is now distributing the Roppe line in Upstate New York

Salesmaster is happy to announce that  effective August 1st 2016 we have extended  our distribution of Roppe to include the upstate New York market. For many years, Salesmaster has distributed the full Roppe line from New Jersey to Maine. Effective August 1st, Salesmaster has extended that footprint to include the territory from Albany through Buffalo.

Salesmaster & Mannington Extend Their Commercial Partnership In Upstate New York

After a Long Relationship in Downstate NY, NJ and New England, Salesmaster and Mannington Are Excited to Extend Their Commercial Partnership in Upstate New York.

Effective August 1st 2016, Salesmaster will begin distributing the Mannington Commercial line along with many of Salesmaster’s other established product lines from Albany through Buffalo.